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Plan Your Future After Solid Rock

The core academic curriculum of Solid Rock has been developed in partnership with North Park University. Upon successful completion of Solid Rock, students will have earned 29 semester credit hours. Credits transfer to four-year Christian colleges and universities listed below per individual transfer of credit agreements.

Solid Rock currently holds transfer of credit agreements with the following institutions:

If you have questions about transfer agreements (including the specific terms of each agreement), email Grant at or call 320-732-3218.

*Transfer of Solid Rock credits to other institutions is not guaranteed and depends on the transfer policies and discretion of the institution the student wishes to attend.

"Our experience of students from Solid Rock studying at North Park University has been a most positive one. Solid Rock students do well at North Park, and quickly become important parts of the North Park community. The training, skills, and development they acquire at Solid Rock wonderfully prepares them to go on to university studies."

                                                                                    - Michael Emerson
                                                                                      Former Provost, North Park University

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