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Thank you for investing in the next generation of Christian leaders! We are so thankful to have people come alongside young adults and cheer them on as they build a firm foundation for life. 

It is our goal to be able to give every student that comes to Solid Rock at least some scholarship money as our way of blessing and honoring their decision to attend. We also never want finances to be a barrier to someone’s chance to be formed and shaped by God through their year at Solid Rock.


Give Online

To give online, click the link below.


Give by Check
​Please write the check out to "Solid Rock Discipleship" and mail to the address below:
​Solid Rock Discipleship
25766 Hummingbird Trail
Long Prairie, MN 56347

"Learning about the whole big picture of Christianity has made me closer to God. I feel I am in the best place spiritually that I have ever been. Living at camp and participating in Solid Rock Discipleship has created a desire in me to go into the world and live as a disciple. To go live my life for God's service. Being in the simplistic environment of camp has also impacted how I now want to live my life. The simple life of a servant who loves God and will do anything she is called to. I think deciding to come to Solid Rock was one of the best (if not the best) decision I have ever made in my life."                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                              - Amanda ('18)
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