Fall Semester Courses

Cornerstone Composition (4 credits)

This course teaches college level skills in written, oral, and multimedia communication and critical thinking by introducing a vision of Christian spiritual formation. Cornerstone approaches the aspects of multi-phasic development of personhood in Christ following the example of Christ. ​

History of the Church (4 credits)

This course covers the historical development of the Christian Church from Pentecost to the Modern Era.  It is designed to provide students with an overview of the major events, personalities and ideas that have influenced the development of Christian thought and practice.

*Holy Land Study Trip (2 credits)

This course introduces students to the geography, archaeological discoveries, history and cultures of the current Israel. The emphasis for the class will be to connect the Bible to significant locations. The class includes a trip to the Holy Land along with class time to prepare for the trip and debrief after the trip.

Introduction to the Bible (4 credits)

An introductory survey of the history of the Biblical narrative as it informs Christian faith today. Particular emphasis will be placed on the theological unity of the Bible's message.


Spring Semester Courses

Christian Ethics (4 credits)

This course examines a variety of resources, teachings, methods, and applied topics. The question "how should we then live?" guides our inquiry at the most basic level. Students will attend to the questions of how beliefs about God as well as the rituals and moral practices of Christian communities shape claims and arguments about the ethical life. ​


Economics (3 credits)

This course introduces students to the basic principles of economics with a money management skills component. This course will give students a deeper grasp on the economic world in which we live, and a better understanding on how to shepherd their financial resources in a Kingdom fashion. and debrief after the trip.


Introduction to Christian Theology (4 credits)

Introduction to Christian Theology is designed to help students gain an understanding of broad Biblical themes and principles concerning God, humanity, life, the world and history through the discipline of Systematic Theology.​


Jesus of Nazareth (4 credits)

The life and teachings of Jesus studied with reference to current research. Explores the "quest of the historical Jesus," the historicity of the gospels, and the method and message of Jesus' teaching.

*Most of the classroom work for the Holy Land Class is done in the fall semester, however, the grade is awarded in the spring semester after their trip to Israel. 

Solid Rock Discipleship's curriculum has been designed in partnership with North Park University. The courses are focused on helping students in their faith development, discernment of calling, and integrating their faith in the world. Courses focus on Biblical Studies, Christian Theology and Ethics, Church History, and Spiritual Practices. 

"My Biblical knowledge exceeded what I ever thought I could know. The knowledge and unconditional love I experienced not only strengthened my love for God, but it reflected the importance of community in the church, and through trial and error, how we are to reflect the love of Christ on others." 

​                                                                                                        - Megan ('18)