Solid Rock Leadership Experience
The Solid Rock Leadership Experience (SRLE) is a partnership between Solid Rock Discipleship, Adventurous Christians, and the Northwest Conference. It is an experience incorporated into a student’s year at Solid Rock beginning with an 8-day, immersion leadership experience in the setting of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. During the SRLE 8-day experience, students will be given opportunities for both learning about Christian leadership and identifying/forming their own leadership identity and gifts. This will be accentuated through the unique dynamics embedded in wilderness canoeing/camping experiences. The students will also begin to form a community which will propel them in working and leading together throughout the rest of their time at Solid Rock. 

Following the 8-day experience, students will be mentored over the course of the rest of the year and given opportunities to lead in various ministries. This will help them formulate further leadership goals and help them discern how to best use their gifts vocationally for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

The Leadership Experience is:
1. Experiential – including but not limited to the 8-day, immersion experience in Christian leadership in the context of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area along with service and leadership opportunities at Solid Rock and youth group throughout the year.

2. Intellectual – A biblical leadership curriculum which is provided to the students during their 8-day journey and is incorporated into mentoring and the Solid Rock classroom throughout the year.

3. Spiritual – Opportunities to grow closer to God through spiritual practices such as prayer, worship, journaling, a spiritual retreat day in the Solid Rock year, and spiritual direction.

4. Relational – The 8-day leadership journey is followed by 9 months of continued relational development within the intentional community established at Solid Rock. This environment is enhanced by mentoring, small groups, intentional teamwork activities, and community gatherings and fun at camp.