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Solid Rock's academic curriculum is designed to purposefully guide each student to learn more about who God is and who God created them to be through a greater understanding of His Word. Our courses are college level and comply with Higher Learning Commission standards for content, student requirements, and instruction.

Over the course of the school year, students will receive a Solid Rock Discipleship certification in Biblical Studies and Discipleship and earn 27 credits. 

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Intro to the Bible

An introductory survey of the history of the biblical narrative as it informs Christian faith today. Emphasis will be placed on the theological unity of the Bible's message. (4 credits)

History of the Church

This course covers the historical development of the Christian Church from Pentecost to the Modern Era. It is designed to provide students with an overview of the major events, personalities, and ideas that have influenced the development of Christian thought and practice. (4 credits)

Holy Land

This course introduces students to the geography, archaeological discoveries, history, and cultures of Israel. The emphasis for the class is to connect the bible to significant locations. The class includes a trip to Israel along with class time to prepare for the trip and debrief after the trip. (3 credits)

Cornerstone Composition

During this year-long course (September-May) students will examine and apply biblical and modern frameworks of Christian identity within an interactive discipleship setting. This class focuses on improving one’s self-awareness, exploring God’s design for community, structuring what it means to be the “body of Christ” both inside and outside the church, and building servant leadership principles in a diverse and changing world.

Intro to Theology

This course helps students gain an understanding of broad Biblical themes and principles concerning God, humanity, life, the world, and history through the discipline of Systematic Theology. (4 credits)

Christian Ethics

This course examines a variety of resources, teachings, methods, and applied topics. The question "how should we then live?" guides our inquiry at the most basic level. Students will attend to the questions of how beliefs about God as well as the rituals and moral practices of Christian communities shape claims and arguments about the ethical life. (4 credits)

Jesus of Nazareth

This course explores the life and teachings of Jesus studied with references to current research. Students will explore the "quest of the historical Jesus," the historicity of the gospels, and the method and message of Jesus' teaching. (4 credits)

Plan Your Future After Solid Rock

The core academic curriculum of Solid Rock has been developed in partnership with North Park University. Upon successful completion of Solid Rock, students will have earned 27 semester credit hours. Credits transfer to four-year Christian colleges and universities listed below per individual transfer of credit agreements.

Solid Rock currently holds transfer of credit agreements with the following institutions:

If you have questions about transfer agreements (including the specific terms of each agreement), email Grant at or call 320-732-3218.

*Transfer of Solid Rock credits to other institutions is not guaranteed and depends on the transfer policies and discretion of the institution the student wishes to attend.

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